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Bronwen Neil and Pauline Allen have received funding for three years for their new project:

Negotiating religious conflict: Letters between Rome and Byzantium in the seventh century, an era of crisis.

Over 1000 letters survive in Greek and Latin from 590 to the end of the seventh century, when the Byzantine empire was at war first with Persia, and then with the Arab forces united under the new faith of Islam.
Bishops and emperors of Rome and Byzantium used letters to negotiate their claims to universal and local power in the course of conflicts over religion. The project will increase our understanding of the ways in which religious conflict was handled through letter-exchange in early Medieval Europe and Byzantium, and what happened when these diplomatic avenues failed. It will shed light on the question of whether the seventh century was really the beginning of the Dark Ages, or a period of cultural regeneration.

The ARC awarded Neil and Allen $150 000 for 2014-2016. This was the only ARC Discovery Project awarded to ACU in 2013.

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